What we put into our bodies can impact our hormones, energy, mood and physical health.
Therefore, what we eat, how we eat and why we eat is important to balance your physical and emotional health.


+ Do you get frequent headaches or painful periods and constantly find yourself reaching for painkillers to relieve the pain?

+ Maybe you feel tired all the time but your blood results seem normal so your doctor assumes you are ‘fine’?

+ It’s time to stop avoiding the root cause of the problem by covering your symptoms with quick fixes!

+ Have you ever thought that the headache may be a result of food intolerance or hormonal imbalance, and painful periods may be related to your gut health? This is often the case, which is why popping painkillers rarely resolves the problem! Just because one blood test shows you are fine, it doesn’t mean you are and you should not accept it.



+ Nutritional Therapy

+ Naturopathy

+ Functional Medicine

+ Nutrigenomics

  • My practice is firmly rooted in the Functional Medicine model and I apply naturopathic principles. This approach views the body as one interconnected system in which everything is linked. Instead of looking at health problems as isolated diseases. I try to dig deep enough into a patient’s health and lifestyle history to discover the bigger picture and understand your body’s imbalances.
  • I focus on nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that cause you to feel unwell.
  • If needed I look into your genetics to see how your genes come into play and contribute to your symptoms. By using nutrigenomics I can create persolanised nutrition for your body’s unique needs.
  • Conventional solutions often make the external symptoms temporarily disappear but do not effectively treat the factors which caused those symptoms in the first place.
  • In Get Better Clinic I try to identify and resolve a condition’s underlying root cause or causes, providing a much better chance of successfully resolving a patient’s health challenges and bringing permanent relief.

Your symptoms are a sign that your body is not happy and it’s trying to get your attention to fix it.

What to expect?

Individual Centered Approach

+ Many health conditions can be linked to individual nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional state. I take all of these factors into account and my advice is always personalised to the individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. I use my knowledge of holistic and nutrition science to deliver a treatment plan, which suits your journey and genetic needs that are entirely different and unique to anyone else.

+ When necessary I create a personalised supplement plan to correct your imbalances or support deficiencies based on your biochemistry to speed up your recovery process. You may ask if you can get all the nutrients from the food instead? Today it’s nearly impossible to get the vitamins and minerals our body needs only from the food we eat. Moreover, your requirements may be higher due to toxic environment, stress level, or genetic alteration. My recommendations are always tailored to meet your body’s needs.

+ I use functional lab testing if required to identify the root cause of your problem. 
Your lab test looks within the normal range but you still feel unwell? Here’s the answer. Conventional testing looks for acute, advanced illnesses that have already manifested themselves. As a result, mild and undiagnosed symptoms may continue for months or years before a chronic condition fully develops. Functional lab testing helps evaluate how well your body is or is not functioning rather than just diagnosing a disease. Many people without any diagnosable disease still struggle with health problems. Functional testing gives a deeper insight into the root cause of your health challenges so we can deal with the source of your symptoms quicker